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A Guided, No-Fail Path To REAL Weight Loss

Ageless Athlete training program!

Adult performance training protocol

The Adult Athlete training protocol at Van Hook Sports Performance is designed for the adult client looking to get back to moving like they did when they where younger, the key is working on each specific Energy System Development (ESD) Zones, while using joint friendly exercises! 

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Nagging Injuries?

Little-by-little, these injuries have affected your ability to workout and train as hard as you want. In fact, without you even noticing, your technique has gone to crap and every time you leave the gym, you feel destroyed and your shoulders, hips, and knees feel terrible

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Proven and Tested To Get Results!

What would you say if I told you that learning new exercises that are more “joint-friendly” (but still get insane results) can be a game-changer for your workouts because you’ll be able to train without pain and getting hurt even worse. These old injuries and poor technique in the gym add up over time and can lead to some really big issues down the road

The Most Efficient Workouts Anywhere

Training 4x per week, you’ll be led through the workouts that are perfect for your body and your goals. No guesswork, no plateaus, only results.

-Burn stubborn fat and get lean

-Joint-friendly exercises! (get better results) 

-Have more energy

-Sleep, Feel and Move Better 

-This is not your average training program! 

-EVERY exercise we use at our facility has progressions (level up) and regressions (level down) so you can train without pain!

-Create results that finally stick

The secret that most “trainers” don’t know is that injuries are preventable when you have good movement quality, good technique, and you use the RIGHT exercises!

Proven and Tested training program is designed to help you achieve your goals and get you back into shape and feeling like you did when you were younger! 

Each workout is 60 minutes long and includes:


Flexibility throughout the hips, hamstrings and shoulder

Core stability (primarily abs and low back)

Shoulder stability

SMFR/Foam Rolling

Self massage method that helps promote flexibility as well as recovery/regeneration


Strength-based movements

Metabolic movements

Energy System Development (ESD) zone based training

Cool Down

Static stretching

Foam rolling

As seen in

What our adult clients have to say

Judy Godfrey

I have been working out with Brian for a few years now and I can truly say Van Hook Sports is about each individual's level of ability to perform. The training is definitely not one-size-fits-all when it comes to exercises, if you want to feel good and enjoy your exercise program Van Hook Sports is the place to do it don't let the name "sports performance training" keep you away.

Jason Brown

No more painful shoulders and knees! I am a weekend athlete that enjoys playing in the adult soccer league on the weekends and my body has felt so much better with this new program!       

Dana Gould

If it wasn't for Brian, his gym and staff, I would not be working out at all. I would not want to work out at any other place, and I have been tryout several of the large group training classes in town. Van Hook Sports Performance is the only one to make me feel good, not just beat me down with random exercises.

Sean Varner

Coach Van Hook and his staff provide great training for athletes and those trying to get in shape. The staff tailors workouts for you and exactly what you need. I would highly recommend Van Hook Fitness and Sports Performance 

Tama Garcia

Great workout strength, metabolic and sweat! Feel great best tone ever, always challenged

Ed M.

 I have been training here for a couple of weeks now, and I have to say that this facility is fantastic, state of the art, with extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff. I went in with some serious back issues and Trevor has already helped me tremendously.

Adult pERFORMANCE training Cost

*this is for the Ageless Athlete program only

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